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Miyajima Furikake with Oyster


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Mishima food


Miyajima Furikake with Oyster


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This product is Furikake sprinkle which is used oysters from Hiroshima, where is famous for its oyster in Japan. We use a special method of processing a whole oyster while holding its taste and nutrition. Enjoy sprinkling the Furikake which has the taste and flavor of oyster onto rice like daily meals, lunch and so on.

It won the 15th Hiroshima Good Design Award,  the Encouragement award.


■Ingredient: Sesame, Grilled-oyster flakes, Sugar, Salt, Black seaweed, Dried-sardine shaving, Soy sauce, Tomato flakes, Sea cabbage, Dolomite, Mixed dried-bonito shaving, Dried-bonito shaving, Sweet sake, Lemon juice powder, Edible plant fat and oil, powdery starch syrup, Nozawana powder, Bonito flavor seasoning, Yeast extract, Matcha, Sea cabbage powder, Ginger powder, Seasoning(Amino acid and so on),  Acidifier, Annatto pigment, Carotene pigment, Aroma chemical, (Included wheat, Sesame, Mackerel, Soy beans)

■Contents: 30g

■Weight(g)(including packaging):50g

■Made in Japan

■Serving instruction:

・Sprinkle onto rice, pasta and salad.


・Finish as soon as possible once opened. The expiration date written on the product shows in the case of unopened.

■Storage instruction:  Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Item No. V04895999028

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