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Roasted Brown Rice Coarse-Grinded Powder Stick 1g×12sticks


In Stock V04826999028
Nishio tea


Roasted Brown Rice Coarse-Grinded Powder Stick 1g×12sticks


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This product is Roasted brown rice coarse-grinded powder, which goes well with sweets. Its crunchy texture and fragrant aroma of roasted brown rice make tastes of sweets more delicious, once putting the powder on the sweets. Kagoshima made agrochemical-free and JAS(Japan agricultural Standard) certified organic brown rice is only used. It is coarse-grained powder roasted well. Put the powder on your favorite sweets like ice creams, pudding or yogurt and enjoy its bitterness. No additive, colorant and caffeine are contained so also good for children.


Ingredient: Brown Rice (JAS-certified)

Contents: 12g

Weight(g)(including packaging):26g

Place of origin: Japan

Serving instruction:  Put the powder on pudding, ice creams or yogurt etc.

Storage instruction: Store in room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and store cool place. Finish as soon as possible once opened.

Item No. V04826999028

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