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Home décor, household

Japanese paper and hand-milled stick incense


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Home décor, household

Japanese paper and hand-milled stick incense


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Incense craftsmen trained in the art of papermaking created this intriguing new incense.  Japanese paper and hand-milled stick incense are dissolved in water, then spread and dried into card form. This incense has two unique features: it burns slowly outward when lit, and it can be cut and bent just like paper. Cut out on the dotted lines to form a strip, then fold the strip like an accordion before lighting it for a fragrance that gently wafts outwards.It emits an aroma even unlit, so it's perfect to stash with your business cards to give them a touch of scent.

■ Size details (mm): 6 pcs x 4 sheets 1 piece (9 mm x 85 mm)
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 10
■ Materials / Ingredients: · Washi · Perfumes
■ Origin: Producing Area: · Hyogo Prefecture Awaji City
■ Brand Name: Japanese paper incense
■ Handling Precautions: When using fire Please use incombustible incense burner or container. Please pay attention to the handling of fire. It is not food. Please keep it out of reach of infants, especially. Please do not use for purposes other than. For storage, please avoid high temperature and humid place.

Item No. V01470999028

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