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Natural Super Bio 110 Laundry Deodorizing Liquid 1000 ml


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Natural Super Bio 110 Laundry Deodorizing Liquid 1000 ml


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The environmentally-friendly laundry deodorizing liquid is made extracting organic soil bacteria enzyme. It prevents the mildew smell from drying the clothes inside or the damp-dry clothes.  As it is made with natural materials, it is safe to use for people who are allergic to chemical substances or have sensitive skin like atopic dermatitis. Also, it can remove germs and sanitize the inside of the washing machine by washing clothes with this product on a daily basis. You can always use clean and sanitized washing machine. You are recommended to use natural detergent and additive-free detergent with it.

Contents: 1000 ml


Material: enzyme extract of a soil bacterium

Place of production: Japan

Name of brand: Natural Super Bio

Manufacturer: KAKUSYO

Size Details: W9 cm, H25 cm, D9 cm

Weight (product only)(g): 1092

Weight (incl. packaging)(g): 1096

Handling cautions: Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperature. If you leave it under the condition for a long period of time, you may see some sediments. However, there is no problem in quality. Shake it well before using.

Others: Use-before period: 2 years from manufacturing date

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Item No. V04276999028

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