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co&tion×haco! Sawako Ninomiya Endless Everest Skirt


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co&tion×haco! Sawako Ninomiya Endless Everest Skirt


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A nobly beautiful Mt. Everest is captured in this pure white skirt.
This skirt is named the Endless Everest Skirt. We resized an original work with Mount Everest embroidered on a soft long cotton skirt, and revived it as a print. The spirit of Mt. Everest rising to great heights will stimulate your sense of fashion.

*Skirt length is the longer of the two skirt layers.
*No lining (2 boiled cotton layers).
*Elastic waist.
*Select desired size (S/M/L/XL/MT).
*For color reference, please view product photos, not concept or model photos.

Material: 100% cotton (boiled)
Size: S/M/MT/L/XL.
Weight (g) (including packaging): 338g
Brand name: haco!
*Machine wash.

Waist 68-64 64-70 69-77 77-85 64-70
Hip 82-90 87-95 92-100 97-105 87-95
Height 154-162 162-170
Skirt's 85 90

*Please note that there might be slight difference of size depending on each product.

haco! for EFJ

Item No. 365745XXX028

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