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Shoulder bags,Backpacks

Pochette shoulder(Sasatsurutekin calico patterned)


In Stock V03004999028
Suzuki Era Fragment Research Institute

Shoulder bags,Backpacks

Pochette shoulder(Sasatsurutekin calico patterned)


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Kowatari calico which was introduced to Japan approximately 400 years ago. This is a dyeing textile fabric left behind and loved by beauty connoisseurs such as Daimyos and wealthy people.  Recreating the textile while bringing out its beauty, an easy to use pochette shoulder bag has been created.  This Sasatsurutekin calico patterned pochette with its faultless composition creates a graceful and classy impression and with its many pockets it is perfect to use when you go out or go shipping while on vacation.  It can be opened and closed using a fastener for piece of mind and the shoulder strap can be adjusted anywhere between 69cm to 136cm in length.  Back: One pocket with fastener Inside: One pocket with fastener and three open pockets

■ Size details (mm): height 18.5 cm · width 23 cm · gore 5.5 cm
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 180
■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 365
■ Materials / Ingredients: Front side: Cotton · Cowhide Inside: Nylon
■ Origin: Japan
■ Brand Name: Kozo Yasushi Shoulder Bag
■ Handling Precautions: When putting it in a hot and humid place for a long time or getting wet with a lot of sweat, There is a thing to do. It may be fuzzed due to wear.
■ Other The position of the handle may differ slightly from the photo.

Item No. V03004999028

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