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  9. Kenchakan Kombucha Sticks (7 sticks)


Kenchakan Kombucha Sticks (7 sticks)


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Whole farming pearl rice


Kenchakan Kombucha Sticks (7 sticks)


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This delicious Kombucha is made from giant kelp from Hokkaido. It comes in powdered stick type, so it is easy to use.


■ Contents: 2 g X 7 sticks

■ Country of Origin: Japan 

■ How to drink: Put the tea in a cup, and pour 100cc of hot water. It can be enjoyed a beverage as well as a tasty addition to various Japanese dishes. 

■ Notes: ① Please note burns caused by boiling water. 

■ How to Save: Please avoid high temperature / humidity 

■ Manufacturer name:  KAJISHOUTEN Co.,Ltd.

Item No. V01553999028

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