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Wallets,Card holders

[Ishikawa]Noto Jofu Mini Clasp Coin Purse


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Wallets,Card holders

[Ishikawa]Noto Jofu Mini Clasp Coin Purse


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Chic mini coin purse with Noto Jofu fabric.

"Noto Jofu" is a high-quality ramie fabric produced in the Noto region of Ishikawa.
It is designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ishikawa prefecture and
the origin of Noto Jofu dates back to 2000 years ago.
The crispiness, lightness along with durability are Noto Jofu's
distinctive characteristics.

This coin purse features an antique looking metal clasp closure that matches well
with Noto Jofu's earthy coloring. You can attach it to your bag or smartphone
with the strap.

It'll make a cute little gift for your friends and loved ones.

■Color: Plaid 
■Size: approx. H5cm x W5cm
■Material: 100% Ramie 【Clasp】Iron (Color: Rustic Gold)
■Made in Ishikawa 
■Manufacturer: Inatoku Co.Ltd.
■Weight (g) (Product Only):15
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging):20
■Note: With time and use, the fabric tends to get white due to friction against other materials.
It is one of the characteristics of ramie fabric. Enjoy the aging process just like denim.

Item No. V05425999028

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