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Home décor

【Made-to-order】Bird-shaped Accessory Case - Hanatoki


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Home décor

【Made-to-order】Bird-shaped Accessory Case - Hanatoki


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Products will be delivered with 14 days after you have placed the order.


NOTE: This product is for international buyers. Not for sale in Japan.


This is an accessory case shaped like a palm-sized bird.

Once you take this bird to your home, this bird can help you in many ways with your daily routines.


・When you come home, you can put a key into this bird.

・When you receive packages at the door, you can take a pen out of this bird and give your signature.

・When you feel a bit hungry in your office, this bird can serve you a chocolate or a candy.

・If you put your glasses in this bird, you won't forget where you put it.

・If you place this bird around a cashier at your store, you can store your business cards in it.

  It will catch the customers' eye!


This bird can be used not only for the things listed above,

but you can also put a cell phone, a thermometer or a remote control in it.


Even though the same pattern is used for all the items,

each expression of the birds slightly differs.


We use a different fabric for each bird,

so when we use a thick fabric, the bird is on the chubby side.


If the fabric is thin, the bird may look sharp and smart.

(We sometimes change the shape of the face...just for fun!)


We hope you will find your favorite bird and welcome it to your home, 

as no birds have the same facial expressions.


Comes individually packaged in a gift bag. (Free of charge)

Note: The pattern of the gift bag or ribbon may differ depending on the season.


■About the creator:

Nice to meet you!

I'm "nakineko". I create cloth crafts using a motif of cats, birds, and fish.


Item Size: W12cm x H9cm x D5cm
Packaging Size: W12.5cm x H9.5cm x D5cm


Body: Cotton Linen

Wings: Tana Lawn Cotton (Liberty Fabric)

Inner Cloth: Cotton

Beak: Genuine Leather

Eyes: Onyx Gemstone


■Made in Ehime

■Brand: nakineko

■Manufacturer: minne

■Item Size: W12cm x H9cm x D5cm

Packaging Size: W12.5cm x H9.5cm x D5cm

■Weight(g)(Product Only): 25

■Weight(g)(Including Packaging): 150


・Pulling excessively or putting strong pressure may break this product.

・Hand wash with a neutral detergent.

■Note: This is a made-to-order product. Please be mindful of the following;

・It will take a certain amount of time for production and shipping.

・There may be slight differences in each expression, which is unique to handmade items.


■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05056999028

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