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Supplements,Healthy food

Proteoglycan Aka-shiso Drink


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Supplements,Healthy food

Proteoglycan Aka-shiso Drink


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This ruby red drink has plenty of health benefits containing aka-shiso, 
which is full of polyphenol, and proteoglycan.

About 60 of hand-sized ohba leaves all grown in the Mount Iwaki area
in Aomori are generously used per bottle (720ml). 

Aka-shiso's fresh aroma, cool and not-too-sweet flavor leave
a refreshing aftertaste.

<How to Drink>
One cup (180ml) a day is recommended. Drink as is or mix with soda,
orange/grapefruit juice, even shochu or liquor.
Also, it can add a fresh taste to homemade sweets' ingredients.

"Wild salmon, Aomori's regional tradition and wisdom bring nature's 
natural glow and moisture to your skin."

Aomori PG (Aomori proteoglycan) is made from the nose cartilages of
salmon. Only the alcohol and food-grade acetic acid are used to extract
proteoglycan. Even though proteoglycan itself has garnered much attention 
since the '70s, extracting proteoglycan from the nose cartilages of salmon had been 
quite difficult and costly - to the tune of 30,000,000 yen per 1g - which
had also made proteoglycan such rare and valuable ingredient.

However, inspired by the cooking process of Aomori's traditional dish 
called "Hizunamasu", which is sliced and pickled salmon head cartilage,
researchers succeeded in developing a technique to extract proteoglycan
using acetic acid. 

As a result, extracting proteoglycan became much easier and simpler, 
reducing the cost to 1/1,000 of what it used to be.
It also led to the incorporation of proteoglycan into daily items such as 
cosmetic products and food, making proteoglycan a lot more affordable and 

■Ingredients: Aka-shiso, Sugar, Proteoglycan Salmon Nose Cartlidge Extract,
  Acidulant (Citric Acid)
■Nutrition Facts ( per 100g):
・Calorie (kcal):39
・Protein (g):0
・Fat (g):0
・Carbohydrate (g):10
・Sodium chloride (g):0
■Weight: 720 ml
■Weight (Including Packaging): 1,000g
■Manufactured in Japan
■How to Serve: Sediment might float or appear at the bottom of the bottle with time. 
  It does not affect the quality. Shake well before drinking. 
  ※Contains 5 mg of proteoglycan in 180 ml.
・Refregerate after opening, finish within a reasonable amount of time to maintain freshness.
・Avoid heating/freezing/applying pressure to the bottle, which could lead to breaking the bottle.
■Storage: Avoid heat/direct sunlight.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date): 365 days
■Brand: Aomori Proteoglycan

Item No. 422193999028
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