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Mizuhiki Pierced Earrings Awaji Ball Type Red


In Stock V04340999028
Tsuda Suizute type


Mizuhiki Pierced Earrings Awaji Ball Type Red


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"Mizuhiki" is a three-dimensional decorative ribbon which is usually used for gift money envelops and the beautiful decoration is wholehearted to care about others.

"Mizuhiki pierced earrings awajitama type" is used mizuhiki art work with a basic knot "Awaji knot". As "Awaji knot" has a meaning of connecting people, it will be a great gift for people you love. The materials of the metallic part are brass for balls and earring backs, and stainless steel for others.

Color: red


 Materials: Mizuhiki: Japanese paper, Metallic part: balls and earring backs are brass, and others are stainless steel

 Place of origin: Ishikawa prefecture

 Name of brand: Tsuda Mizuhiki Orikata

 Size details: ball size diameter approx. 1.2 cm

 Weight(g) (item only): 20

 Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 40


these are pierced earrings with earring backs. Attach the parts on the small loop before using

metallic part color: gold

Item No. V04340999028

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