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  7. Mini-size Fried Squid Peanuts 10 packs


Mini-size Fried Squid Peanuts 10 packs

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Mini-size Fried Squid Peanuts 10 packs


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Bean snack contained 3 different kinds which are crispy textured "fried squid", aromatic crispy peanuts, and spicy black peppered beans. Beans contain in good balance, necessary nutrients to keep a healthy body. This is a product of "Denroku" provided its safety and deliciousness by "processing technique of the beans" since the establishment of the business. Enjoy as a snack, as a nibble for drinks or with ochazuke (a bowl of rice soaked in hot green tea). It is a small sized package that you can take it for a snack.


Ingredients: peanuts, wheat flour, vegetable fat and oil, rice, starch, sugar, squid, fish meat, reduced sugar syrup, vegetable protein, rice-bran glue, powdered ketchup, egg white, yeast extract, powdered fruit juice/seasoning (amino acid), processing starch, baking powder, spices extract, emulsifier, starch adhesive (pullulan), coloring agent (carotenoid), acidulant, fragrance (egg, wheat flour, peanuts, squid, sesame seeds, soybeans, pork, and apples are partially contained for the ingredients)

 Contents :  420g (42g x 10 packs)

Weight (incl. packaging)(g): 450 g

 Country of Origin: Japan


Consume soon after the package is unsealed.

You can open from the upper right. Be careful with the corner and cut-end while opening the package.

The black part of butter peanut is plumule of peanut. It changes colors with heat and it is safe in quality.

Small children may have a trouble swallowing. Be careful not to choke, staying aside while they are eating.

Fried squid is spicy. Those who do not prefer spicy food and small children need to be careful.

This is produced at the same factory as manufacturing of milk ingredients, shrimp, and crab.

How to store: Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperature.

Manufacturer: Denroku Co., Ltd.

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Item No. V04480999028
Jan: 4901930131122

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Mini-size Fried Squid Peanuts 10 packs 5

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