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  9. Miyako-no-Shiro Matcha 20g


Miyako-no-Shiro Matcha 20g


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Miyako-no-Shiro Matcha 20g


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This matcha green tea presents a perfect blend of deep aroma and taste while maintaining the refreshing flavor. As the tea leaves are picked from shaded tea plants, the tea contains concentrated sweetness and refreshing flavor that leaves pleasantly rich aftertaste unique to organic products.

Tea leaves grown without fertilizer or agricultural chemicals.
■Content: 20g
■Made in Japan
■Serving Instructions
1. Place about 2g of matcha into a cup. (adjust accordingly)
2. Pour slowly 60ml of hot water (approx. 95℃) into the cup
3. Hold the cup with one hand and mix it with a tea whisk until all the clumps are gone. Use the tea whisk in a quick whisking motion and create a rich foam.
Storage Instructions: store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Store in refrigerator during hot seasons.    
■Manufacturer: Koyonechaen

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Item No. V01196999028

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